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Analysis of the Cloud Computing Security-Free-Samples for Students

Questions: 1.Which cloud based AIS should Pia select? 2.Justify your answer with regards to Pias requirements. Answers: 1.Pia, owner of Kluuvin Apteekki could focus on private cloud structure, where she has the liability of security with proper implementation of the infrastructure, platform and the software. 2.The cloud computing allows the business and the individuals to run the accounting applications online which also makes it easy for Pia to work on instantly taking the backup of the accounting data. This will help in improving with new economics, paying for what is being used and lower the costs with maintenance and faster deployment. The redefining of the productivity with the software for the users to access it anyway is one of the major quality of the cloud based AIS. The pharmacy business of Pia looks for the sales, purchase, payments, report and the payroll and she must manage the different accounting tasks which are related to specifics. Pia makes use of the different information system and it becomes important for her to focus on how to handle the payroll processing which depends on the different number of state legislation and the collective agreements in the pharmacy industry (Almorsy et al, 2016). The report is about the accounting, where the associated risks for the calcu lations etc, needs to be accessed with attention to detail, reporting which requires a proper and a good knowledge of the tax regulations with the vision to the financials of the company. AIS works over the automation process with the focus on the automating, integrating the data into the service with the real-time patterns. Pia also need to focus on the cloud infrastructure, platform and the software which is in the company along with offering solutions that are for the higher levels of control over service, security and the privacy of data. they are mainly to take the responsibility for the implementation and maintenance. The private cloud structure will help in long time investment for the cloud patterns, but it will provide a better self-service, scalability, multi-tenancy and the ability to work over the provisions and the changes related to the computing resources on demand (Flint, 2017). The chargeback tools tend to track the computing usage which depends on the business units to pay only for the resources one makes use of. The private cloud offers the hosted services to the limited number of people who are behind the firewall with minimising the concerns of security. The companies also give a direct control over the data. Hence, for Pia, who needs to deal with her accounting, she needs to focus o n the economic safety, scalability and the flexibility that are important for the user interface and integration capabilities, modularity and pricing. This will help in working and looking for the cloud computing with low costs where the service runs on the computer of the service provider (Rittinghouse et al., 2016). The accessibility is matched with the tangibility and checking about the scalability factors. For her, the private cloud AIS will help her with the hybrid cloud development as well, if she wants to upgrade her software, with the capability to allow the users to scale the computing requirements. The on-demand services and the efficient resource management based on the business needs is important for the allocation of resources and unified management. This will also boost the efficiency and the visibility with the management interface and the hybrid environment standards. The interoperable systems and the portable applications depend on supporting physical, virtual and the cloud platforms. The private cloud is for her organisation only with the implementation of the corporate firewall under the IT control. This is done by the proper team which is helpful for the innovation, handling the different large computation processes, the storage needs as well as the security of the data patterns. This will help in working over the cloud management platform with the optional software based storage platform and low cost with high performance virtualisation technology (Moreno et al., 2017). The business users need to focus on the secured standards where the private cloud solutions make i t possible by turning to the organisation with the innovation source and standards. For Pia and her pharmacy, it is important to focus on the outsourcing which is only possible with the private cloud structure. The accounting is done for the transaction and managing the inventory records as well. Hence, for this, the computation of the resources and the network patterns gives a better control to the cloud infrastructure (Verma, 2016). The enterprise and the business audience require to focus on the management of the needs with the maximised levels of reliability and security. This also require a proper computation of the resources with the management of the network resources that has a greater control over the cloud infrastructure. The biggest focus of the company is to handle the accounting outsourcing with security and safety. This is only possible when the invoicing, performance has been done properly. The process of the arrangement in the cloud reflects about how Pia can manage with the technology change in pharmacy with proper and easy conduct of the internet r esearch with outsourcing experience (Saraswathiet al, 2017). For her company, the private cloud AIS will be able to help in distributed the network with creating the virtual networks that have different requirements set with the combination of services. The management and the computation of resources is set through creating virtual servers and handling the VMWare vCloud Director software, through the password protected login. They are important for scaling the needs and working over the facilitation in the data centres or onsite. This will help in changing the amount of resources and the needs which depends on the resource management with minimised duration, activation and provisioning. References Almorsy, M., Grundy, J. and Mller, I., 2016. An analysis of the cloud computing security problem.arXiv preprint arXiv:1609.01107. Flint, D., 2017. Storms Ahead for Cloud Service Providers.Business Law Review,38(3), pp.125-126. Moreno-Vozmediano, R., Montero, R.S., Huedo, E. and Llorente, I.M., 2017. Cross-Site Virtual Network in Cloud and Fog Computing.IEEE Cloud Computing,4(2), pp.46-53. Rittinghouse, J.W. and Ransome, J.F., 2016.Cloud computing: implementation, management, and security. CRC press. Saraswathi, M. and Bhuvaneswari, T., 2017. A Secured Storage using AES Algorithm and Role Based Access in Cloud. Verma, R., 2016. An Investigation on Cloud computin

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All About the Rock Called Chert

All About the Rock Called Chert Chert is the name for a widespread type of sedimentary rock that is made of silica (silicon dioxide or SiO2). The most familiar silica mineral is quartz in microscopic or even invisible crystals- that is, microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline quartz. Learn more about how it is made and find out what it is made of. Chert Ingredients Like other sedimentary rocks, chert starts with particles accumulating. In this case, it happened in bodies of water. The particles are the skeletons (called tests) of plankton, microscopic creatures that spend their lives floating in the water column. Plankton secrete their tests using one of two substances that are dissolved in water: calcium carbonate or silica. When the organisms die, their tests sink to the bottom and accumulate in a growing blanket of microscopic sediment called ooze. Ooze is usually a mixture of plankton tests and extremely fine-grained clay minerals. A clay ooze, of course, eventually becomes claystone. An ooze that is primarily calcium carbonate (aragonite or calcite), a calcareous ooze, typically turns into a rock of the limestone group. Chert is derived from a siliceous ooze. The composition of ooze depends on details of geography: ocean currents, the availability of nutrients in the water, world climate, depth in the ocean, and other factors. Siliceous ooze is mostly made of the tests of diatoms (one-celled algae) and radiolarians (one-celled animals or protists). These organisms build their tests of completely uncrystallized (amorphous) silica. Other minor sources of silica skeletons include the particles made by sponges (spicules) and land plants (phytoliths). Siliceous ooze tends to form in cold, deep water because calcareous tests dissolve in those conditions. Chert Formation and Precursors Siliceous ooze turns to chert by going through a slow transformation unlike that of most other rocks. The lithification and diagenesis of chert is an elaborate process.   In some settings, siliceous ooze is pure enough to lithify into a lightweight, minimally processed rock, called diatomite if composed of diatoms, or radiolarite if made of radiolarians. The amorphous silica of a plankton test is not stable outside the living things that make it. It seeks to crystallize, and as ooze is buried to depths greater than 100 meters or so, the silica begins to mobilize with the modest rise in pressure and temperature. There is plenty of pore space and water for this to happen, and plenty of chemical energy being released by crystallization as well as by the breakdown of organic matter in the ooze. The first product of this activity is a hydrated silica (opal) called opal-CT because it resembles cristobalite (C) and tridymite (T) in X-ray studies. In those minerals, silicon and oxygen atoms align with water molecules in a different arrangement than that of quartz. A less-processed version of opal-CT is what makes up with water molecules in a different arrangement than that of quartz. A less-processed version of opal-CT is what makes up common opal. A more processed version of opal-CT is often called opal-C because in X-rays it looks more like cristobalite. The rock composed of lithified opal-CT or opal-C is porcellanite. More diagenesis causes the silica to lose most of its water as it fills pore space in the siliceous sediment. This activity converts the silica into true quartz, in microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline form, also known as the mineral chalcedony. When that happens, chert is formed. Chert Attributes and Signs Chert is as hard as crystalline quartz with a hardness rating of seven  in the Mohs scale   maybe a bit softer, 6.5, if it still has some hydrated silica in it. Beyond simply being hard, chert is a tough rock. It stands above the landscape in outcrops that resist erosion. Oil drillers dread it because its so hard to penetrate. Chert has a curvy conchoidal fracture that is smoother and less splintery than the conchoidal fracture of pure quartz; ancient toolmakers favored it, and high-quality rock was a trade item between tribes. Unlike quartz, chert is never transparent and not always translucent. It has a waxy or resinous luster unlike the glassy luster of quartz.   The colors of chert range from white through red and brown to black, depending on how much clay or organic matter it contains. It often has some sign of its sedimentary origin, such as bedding and other sedimentary structures or microfossils. They may be abundant enough for a chert to get a special name, as in the red radiolarian chert carried to land by plate tectonics from the central ocean floor. Special Cherts Chert is a quite general term for noncrystalline siliceous rocks, and some subtypes have their own names and stories. In mixed calcareous and siliceous sediments, the carbonate and the silica tend to segregate. Chalk beds, the calcareous equivalent of diatomites, may grow lumpy nodules of chert of the type called flint. (Similarly, thick chert beds may grow nodules and pods of limer ock limestone or dolomite rock.) Flint is commonly dark and gray, and more lustrous than typical chert. Agate and Jasper are cherts that form outside the deep-sea setting; they occur where fractures allowed silica-rich solutions to enter and deposit chalcedony. Agate is pure and translucent whereas Jasper is opaque. Both stones commonly have reddish colors from the presence of iron oxide minerals. The peculiar ancient banded iron formations consist of thin layers of interbedded chert and solid hematite. Some important fossil localities are in chert. The Rhynie Cherts in Scotland contain remains of the oldest land ecosystem from nearly 400 million years ago early in the Devonian Period. And the Gunflint Chert, a unit of banded iron formation in western Ontario is famous for its fossil microbes, dating from the Early Proterozoic time some two billion years ago.

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Divorced beheaded survived Essay Example

Divorced beheaded survived Essay Example Divorced beheaded survived Paper Divorced beheaded survived Paper The pain from losing a beloved one Is In fact an Inevitable part of being alive. As much as we want to avoid it, the faint line between death and life is something we human beings have to learn how to live with. Robin Blacks short story: Divorced, Beheaded, Survived from 2010 portrays the life of Sarah before and after the tragic death of her brother. As Sarah is struggling with the difficulty of coping with her brothers death, she slowly draws closer to the essentials of the passage of life. Doubleday dealing with the plan of the loss of our loved ones Is tough and heart wrecking, but Is It possible to live on without a proper confrontation or closure of your grief? The storyline follows the protagonist Sarah through her mental progress of accepting the death of her brother, Terry. The emotional aspects in the story are exemplified through the twisted chronology consisting of Sarahs present life and flashbacks from her childhood. Black uses Sarah childhood home In Massachusetts as a contrast to show traces of Sarahs mental state of denial. WTFO my own children, that long- collected backyard is only part of grandmas and grandpas house, where we go for Thanksgiving, for the Christmas with Lyes folks in al- 52-53). It is shown here how the old backyard which used to hold a lot of importance for Sarah, her brother and their friends, has become a incidental place for annual occasions to her kids. This line emphasizes how Sarah has not passed on her Joyful memories to her kids as a result of her lack of confrontation about her late brother. The protagonist has still not fully processed her sorrow and she is therefore not capable f have her children involved in her own childhood. Also it is seen that Sarahs past still has a tremendous impact on her present life, as she speaks about the age gap between herself and Terry, comparing it to the amount of ages between her children Mark and Coco. The fact that she keeps intertwining past memories with her adult life throughout the storyline express that she Is still Incapable of letting go. Her present Is still muddled with the pain of the past. Later on Sarah reaches a significant turning point of her life, as a friend of her son, Mark, passes away in an accident. Sarah starts to see similarities between her son and herself, and slowly step-by-step she starts to open up about the details of the death of Terry. All the hurtful memories are reaching the light of day as Sarah for the first time In her life starts treating her long-hold sorrow. l took my son by the hand, into my room. Opened the dresser drawer and there he was, smiling out from above the softly folded scarves, the empty fingers of my own gloves seeming to want to hold him there. It was hard, I said to Mark, as he lifted the picture toward his face. There is no secret answer. It was terribly, terribly hard. (p. 5, II. 159-163). Near the end of the story, the amount of flashbacks and comparisons are reduced, as brother everyday, while feeling a little guilty, not only is her wound slowly healing, but Sarah draws closer to the understanding of life and death. It isnt only discomfort of disloyalty I feel, its the fact of utter disappearance after death. The idea that as loved as we may be, we may also be forgotten. If only for a day here and there. 4, II. 127-130). To bring the plot to a closure Black frames his short story with a last flashback about Sarahs near non-existent relation to her childhood friend, Molly Dunham. With this flashback Sarah finally understands how the thirty years without any confrontation has not been an essential way of coping with her pain, which could be one of the many messages of the story. Another message could be interpreted from the phrase where Sarah tries to convince herself that it is within human nature to keep on living. Maybe its a gift to be able to let go of the remembering. Some times. Some things. (p. 4, II. 155-156). With this phrase Black tells the readers that life goes on no matter what, and one should not be guilty about not thinking about the dead all the time, instead one should focus on holding on the Joyful memory and live life to its fullest. Another symbolic feature that lies within the choice of chronology and structure is the swift between present and past. It is a showcase for Sarahs past intertwining with her everyday life as a symbol of her incapability to let go. The title of the short story is Divorced, beheaded, survived which is the last part of a well-known phrase used to remember the six wives of king Henry 8th. The title itself is mostly explicit in the beginning and in the end of the story. Firstly as a memory of a fine day where Sarah, Terry and a couple of friends decides to act out the drama of king Henry 8th, then in another flashback from Sarahs high school days where they learn about king Henry 8th in history class. In many ways the title is sufficient to the plot and also from symbolic aspects. The phrase could be interpreted as a connection to the death of Terry. Intentionally the author chose to use the last part of the phrase as the title instead of the first. The only difference between the two parts is the fact that the word died is replaced with survived, Sarahs brother died by the hands of sickness, but because of all the memories that Sarah holds so dearly, Terry, still survived and he is therefore still alive in the heart of his sister. Judging from the essence of Robin Blacks short story, as much as life is filled with full and happy moments, all the dark sides like loss and death is something that is unavoidable. Death is part of life and the opposite. The sooner you realize it and start accepting those inevitable facts of the living the sooner you can free yourself from the endless cycle of grieving. For the protagonist, Sarah, the process of coping with her loss took decades, but luckily she realized that the only way out of the wilderness was to accept the fact that life goes on and our lost ones will always be alive in our hearts, even if we do not think of them every moment of our lives.

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Choose what you want Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Choose what you want - Coursework Example The DIAD has also been put under tests that most smartphones cannot survive, and these include; heat, cold, torrential rain and drop from six feet. UPS’s investment in IT will help it achieve strategic business objectives in the following ways. Financial Strategic Objectives: UPS will be able to achieve its financial objectives since investment in IT will win it more loyal customers. More customers mean more profits and UPS will experience a financial growth. Customer Strategic Objectives: by investing in IT, UPS is improving its customer’s service approach. Customers are enjoying working with UPS with every technological advancement that they make. Customer satisfaction is important to customer retention and obtaining new customers. Operational Strategic Objectives: UPS’s investment in IT will see the parcel delivery company grow into the most technologically advanced company and thus will always be ahead of its competitors in the market. Their services will also be of high standard due to the efficiency of IT in business, for example, the use of cameras to document the extent of damage on a parcel will improve the handling of packages by the drivers. Moreover, UPS will be able to realize improved communication with the improvement in IT that is important in the development of operational strategic objectives as communication between a customer and the company improves the efficiency of any business. Ultimately, learning Strategic Objective: drivers employed by UPS have to learn how to use the new technology in package delivery and they have to be good at it. Good performance by the drivers and other staff members in use of IT in their job. The company will, therefore, be able to achieve its Learning Str ategic Objectives by training its employees on emerging trends in the IT

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Conflicts in the Workplace Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words - 1

Conflicts in the Workplace - Research Paper Example Managing a conflict is an important task that occurs at three levels, according to Masters and Albright According to them, first of all, an individual must know how to deal with the conflict at a personal level like when he enters a conflict with a senior, a junior, a colleague, or a client. Second, he must be able to enable others in the organization to manage their personal conflicts. This is important because those conflicts will eventually come to you taking your extra time if they are not resolved in time by the people involved. Third, he must be able to work out an effective plan or strategy that should make sure that workplace conflicts are avoided and if occur then resolved in time. Conflicts at work â€Å"reflect systemic processes and patterns in how work gets done† thus it is important to determine those patterns so that better conflict management is made possible. It is also important to discuss here why at all managing a conflict at a workplace is important and wh y medication becomes necessary. Moore defines the mediation as the involvement of a third party, the mediator, in the resolution of the conflict, where the mediator has no personal relations with any of the conflicting parties involved. The mediator does not make decisions but assists the parties to reach such a solution that is acceptable for all those involved. Doherty and Guyler suggest that â€Å"there is a direct ratio between the quality of relationships across the workplace and long-term business effectiveness and success.†

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Health Care Reform Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Health Care Reform - Essay Example Some the benefits include allowing children to purchase insurance, at the start of 2014 women will no longer be charged more than men. Insurance firms will also be regulated so that they are not able to hike insurance rates when an individual falls ill will be of benefit to all the citizens. This regulate of the insurance will greatly help in ensuring that the health of any individual is not jeopardize just because of their social status and age The ability of state-based exchanges will also allow persons who are unemployed to purchase insurance. Subsidies will also be provided to those families that are below the federal poverty level. These reforms will be a great boost to most of the citizens who do not earn a decent income (Jill, 2012). Healthcare in the United States is a fundamental part of living. This is due to the many health issues that Americans face in a daily basis. However, the healthcare structure in the America is faced by a big problem of expensive services, which is not affordable to most of the people. A big percentage of American population is not medically insured and this leads to the physician visits being too expensive for an ordinary citizen. Approximately 44million Americans are not insured and an additional 38 million have insufficient health insurances. This population lives each day not sure what would happen if they fell sick or were in need of medical attention. The absence of a medical insurance therefore means that they cannot visit the physician for regular check ups and will always postpone illnesses or trips to the doctor because they simply cannot afford it. Delayed medical care for fear of expenses is a disaster considering the number of people in the country and the illnesses that could be treated early turning fatal. People without health insurance are at the greatest risk of not catching illnesses early enough and not acquiring medical

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Hamlet And The Theories Of Tragedy

Hamlet And The Theories Of Tragedy Shakespeares Hamlet includes various theories and elements of tragedy, of which two will be discussed in this essay. Shakespeare addresses Aristotles theory of tragedy, but he challenges the theory in many aspects through setting, plot, and character. Shakespeare seems to heavily incorporate the wheel of fortune theory of tragedy, mostly through the character Hamlet. Aristotle, who is concerned with formal presentation of tragic plays, defines tragedy as: a representation of an action that is worth serious attention, complete in itself, and of some amplitude; in language enriched by a variety of artistic devices appropriate to the several parts of the play; presented in the form of action, not narration; by means of pity and fear bringing about the purgation of such emotion. (Aristotle 38 9) Shakespeare employs character and plot in order to create an atmosphere that is unsettling and dark, which instead of conjuring fear and pity instead sets up an atmosphere rank with revenge. In this way, Hamlet does not follow Aristotles definition of tragedy. Another of the ways Aristotle characterizes tragedy is through The noble actions and the doings of noble persons (Aristotle 35). According to Aristotle, Hamlet should be a noble person committing noble actions. This is best represented in the scene where Hamlet refuses to kill Claudius during prayer. T his becomes the turning point for Hamlet, where he truly becomes an ignoble person, saying he wants Claudius Soul may be damned and black/ As hell, whereto it goes. Hamlet truly wants Claudius to suffer in the worst possible manner, and in doing so Hamlet falls from nobility. Aristotle also believed heroes are First and foremost good (Aristotle 51). Hamlet does contemplate good and evil frequently, but ultimately Hamlet fall from the path of goodness. Fortinbras may have been the kind of hero Aristotle characterizes, but Fortinbras is not a tragic character. The plot events with which Aristotle disagrees give meaning to Hamlets theme. Shakespeare intentionally portrays many characters unheroic. For example, Hamlet does not treat Ophelia well, but at the same time Ophelias unwavering loyalty to her father causes her to treat Hamlet badly. Both characters invoke disgust from the reader from their ignoble actions. The only characters who act somewhat heroic are Horatio and Fortinbras. Interestingly, these are the only two characters who survive, so Shakespeare may be making some kind of commentary on Aristotles tragic hero. Another theory of tragedy has to do with the wheel of fortune. This kind of Tragedy was perceived as a reversal of fortune, a fall from a high position. This view of tragedy derives from the Medieval concept of fortune, which was personified as Dame Fortune, a blindfolded woman who turned a wheel at whim; men were stationed at various places on the wheelthe top of the wheel represented the best fortune, being under the wheel the worst fortune. However, the wheel could turn suddenly and the man on top could suddenly be under the wheel, without warning. (Landmarks of Literature) There are many instances where Shakespeare incorporates these elements of tragedy into Hamlet. At the beginning of the play, Horatio cries out to the Ghost, Speak to me: If thou art privy to thy countrys fate, / Which, happily, foreknowing may avoid, / O, speak! Horatios outburst suggests that fate isnt inevitable, but earlier Horatio indicates that the Ghost is a bad omen, just like in Rome before the mightiest Julius fell and the graves stood tenantless and the sheeted dead/ Did squeak and gibber in the Roman streets. Horatios conception of fate embodies the fate of the the entire country, not the individual. In response to a comment about how mens faults can ruin reputations, Hamlet responds by saying, Carrying, I say, the stamp of one defect/ Being natures livery or fortunes star/ Their virtues else- be they pure as grace/ As infinite as man may undergo/ Shall in the general censure take corruption/ From that particular fault. Hamlet establishes his view of fate and bad character with this claim; he thinks you are either born with bad qualities or you acquire them through the environment (through no device of your own), but its not something that a person is in control of; rather it is something that simply happens to a person, and there is no way to avoid it. Later in this scene Hamlet exclaims, My fate cries out, / And makes each petty artery in this body / As hardy as the Nemean lions nerve. Hamlet believes it is his fate to follow the ghost, and because it is his fate he is given the strength and vigor with which to do it. Hamlet asks Rosencrantz and Guildenstern how they are, and Guildenstern answers, Happy, in that we are not over-happy, on fortunes cap we are not the very button. This is a joke that implies that Guildenstern and Rosencrantz live in Fortunes privates; This joke implies that Fortune is a whore. Later in the same scene, the idea that Fortune is a whore comes up again in a more serious tone. During a play, Hamlet asks the First Player to recite the piece of the death of Priam. Afterwards, the player comments: Out, out, thou strumpet, Fortune! All you gods, In general synod take away her power; Break all the spokes and fellies from her wheel, And bowl the round nave down the hill of heaven, As low as to the fiends! (2.2.493-497) The player is asking the gods to break Fortunes wheel and roll her down to hell. The idea is that our destinies are merely random, when people try to climb on top of the wheel it may simply move and the person on top becomes the one being crushed by the wheel. The First Players speech calls for a fate ruled by something other than Fortune. Hamlets third soliloquy suggests that fortune is simply out to hurt you and questioning whether it is even worth it to challenge the wheel of fortune: To be, or not to be: that is the question: / Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer / The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, / Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, / And by opposing end them? Before the play The Murder of Gonzago, Hamlet stands alone with Horatio and commends him as A man that Fortunes buffets and rewards / Hast taen with equal thanks. Hamlet goes on to praise Horatio for not becoming a pipe for Fortunes finger to play; Hamlet appears envious of Horatio, praising him for a quality that Hamlet himself lacks. Hamlet sees himself as passions slave, a person who cannot maintain a stable identity or sense of self. In The Murder of Gonzago the Player King tells his wife that he hopes when he dies she will find a good man and remarry. The wife promises vehemently she will not find another husband after his death, to which the king responds: This world is not for aye, nor tis not strange / That even our loves should with our fortunes change. The king points out that a man who has been favored by fortune could just as easily lose his fortune, and with it his friends, money, wife, etc. The king doesnt address it as though it is something to be deplored, but simply the way of life and something that needs to be accepted, because Our wills and fates do so contrary run / That our devices still are overthrown; / Our thoughts are ours, their ends none of our own. In the end, the king is right, and the wife quickly remarries after the kings death. After Polonius has been stabbed, Hamlet says to the body, take thy fortune; / Thou findst to be too busy is some danger. Hamlet believes Polonius fortune was not simply bad luck; Hamlet believes Polonius brought his own bad luck upon himself and had earned his own death. Later in the same scene, Hamlet says, For this same lord, / I do repent: but heaven hath pleased it so, / To punish me with this and this with me, / That I must be their scourge and minister. According to this view of things, Polonius death is not an accident at all, but part of a divine plan. In the last scene of the play, Hamlet writes to Horatio about how he found his own death warrant. Hamlet said he was sneaking around and told Horatio, let us know, / Our indiscretion sometimes serves us well, / When our deep plots do pall: and that should teach us / Theres a divinity that shapes our ends, / Rough-hew them how we will. Hamlet suggests that even though something may look random it could be part of a plan that will turn out for the better. Then, later, Hamlet repeats the concept; Horatio asks how Hamlet could have possibly sealed a new warrant with the kings seal. Hamlet replies, Why, even in that was heaven ordinant and explains that Hamlet had his fathers signet by chance and used it to make the seal. Even later in the scene, right before the final fencing duel, Hamlet says that everything is ill in his heart. He doesnt hint that this feeling is prophetic of his own death in any way, but when Horatio offers to call off the fencing match, Hamlet speaks as though he kno ws hes about to die: Not a whit, we defy augury: theres a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. If it be now, tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come: the readiness is all: since no man has aught of what he leaves, what ist to leave betimes? Let be. In another view of this revenge tragedy, Hamlet is the player of a Senecan tragedy. He is involved in a sensational murder scene, commanded by a Senecan ghost desiring revenge, and after hampered by court intrigue, resorts to feigned madness. Since apparitions are known to tell half-truths to deceive people, Hamlet is given instruction without a resolute plan. For majority of the play, he acts with passion and indecision and he proceeds with the ghosts wishes as his adversary allows. And, for the most part, only Claudius, Hamlet, and Horatio know the action of revenge. (Landmarks of Literature) Word Count: 1837